Our Team

Grant Symons

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch,

Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, Project Manager, Change Leader


Grant is a pathfinder - committed to creating new value through fresh thinking, unique insights and breakthrough practises.

Has extensive experience in complex environments, a body of tested intellectual property and access to an array of experts and alliance partners worldwide. He uses these capabilities to help clients create new relationships, pathways, operating models and bring positive change to engagement, mind-sets and culture.

 Values - integrity, pragmatism and learning. (more info)

Outside of work

Whenever he can, Grant trades his business clothes for a wetsuit. A keen free-diver, he has explored much of New Zealand’s north island and Australia’s western coastal waters. Aside from enjoying the relaxation and fitness side of diving, he also manages to put the odd crayfish, abalone or fish on the table.

Contact details

  • Wellington, New Zealand
  • +64 027 242 6471
  • +64 027 242 6471
  • grant@betterchange.co.nz