Challenge the gender gap – by Gillian Peacock

Mar 07 2017

We celebrate International Women’s day today (8 March) and yesterday I heard the Deputy Prime Minister, The Honourable Paula Bennett talk about how human resource practitioners could help make the change that will close the gender pay gap in New Zealand.  The Minister pointed out that 80% of the New Zealand Human Resource Institute’s Membership is female and challenged us to step up.

Ironically, the chief executives and senior leaders who make decisions about remuneration are nearly all males.  So not only is the gender pay gap still the same as 10 years ago, nothing much has changed at the top of organisations.

If Hillary Clinton is right and the Future is Female something must change, and soon.

New research released today by the Ministry for Women can’t explain why women are still being paid less that men for doing the same work. The traditional reasons; not being as well qualified, not being employed in male dominated roles/industries, and being the primary care giver are no longer the main reasons. 

The reasons we are still lagging behind are unexplained and Paula Bennett said it was likely to be about behaviour, attitudes, and assumptions about women in work.  She also said that confidence and self-esteem where important.

Hillary Clinton said it like this …remember you are the hero’s and history makers (and change makers), the glass ceiling breakers of the future! …never doubt you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every opportunity in the world.