The power of networks - by Gillian Peacock

Feb 16 2017

This morning I spoke at a breakfast networking session about the power of networks.

I talked about Network Science, understanding our networks and the value of our networks.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Donald Trump tweeting, or a garden project at home; it's now possible to be to do more with our networks than we ever thought possible.

We live in a complex world and understanding networks can help us solve big problems. Its also true that change is hard, 70% of change initiatives fail - networks are a big part of what makes systems and changing those systems complex.

Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, a global thought leader in network science and author of ‘Linked’ said ‘If we can understand our networks better, we will be better able to predict outcomes’.

Network science is evolving. We now have simple but sophisticated tools that help organisations identify the people inside them that are critical to helping make change. It’s now possible to find and engage these key people with the right relationships in a safe and ethical way.

Quantitatively identifying our networks using network science reveals the champions in our organisation in a legitimate way.  These are the people who are good at their job and are the most connected. You might be surprised just who they are.

When you identify these people, engage with them, listen to them, give them the space to connect with each other, the opportunity for co-creation of relevant change is huge.

Understanding the network in your organisation amplifies the power of your leadership and effectiveness of change.