Need help with change in your organisation?

Some change is planned, some you just can't see coming. At BetterChange, we specialise in enabling our clients to confidently engage with change in ways that work for them.
Our programmes and resources arm your people and your teams with the tools they need to continually cope with increasing levels of change, no matter where it comes from. Enable your people to confidently engage with an ever-changing future - talk to us today.

  • Grow your change fit individuals and teams
  • Find and develop the real influencers in your organisation
  • Innovate and build new capabilities
  • Build your reputation as a trusted individual or team
  • Grow better judgement practices and decision making

Our change programmes


For clients that expect decision making and conduct on the front line to be developing in step with the changing world. We help you mitigate conduct and behavioural risk while improving communications, trust and culture.

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Trusted Partners get things done because they are trusted by their business partner and have colleagues that are on their side.
A favourite with teams that are purposefully transforming their reputation and brand.

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Authentic Communicators cut through the ‘noise’ of today’s information-rich world by confidently being themselves and expressing their ideas with skill.

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Throughout change, trust is your highest form of currency. Trusted Advisors build strong trust-based relationships and networks that enable them to get the right things done faster.

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Change Agile people take a positive orientation to complex change and inspire confidence and action from those around them.

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BetterStart is an independent facilitated service that actively assures your project, programme, change initiative or new collaboration has the best start possible.

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Org Mapper™ helps develop more effective internal communication by revealing the real human networks that are driving your company.

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A facilitated programme designed to engage your people through the processes of change. We work with you to configure and implement it to suit your unique environment.

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BetterTeam is a facilitation and coaching service aimed at significantly lifting team performance by building engagement, trust and culture.

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Trusted Leaders get things done because they have a team or organisation that is on their side. This one day course shows you how to build that environment.

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We help leaders with technology and people change. We not only ensure successful projects, but encourage our clients to expect enduring cultural and behavioural change.

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We help leaders prepare their people for change and then support them through it. Adopting the new can be difficult for some people, we help create the right environment and approach to ensure it is an enduring success.

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